Good lighting is important in every home, school, and office to be able to be productive, feel at home, and to have visibility of the things in front of you. There are different types of light bulbs that give out various kinds of lighting, and you will have to choose a specific light depending on its use. We want to do a quick rundown on some of the common types of light bulbs, where you should use them for, and what environment you should place them in because all locations deserve proper and appropriate lighting.  

Different Light Bulbs

The first type of lighting is what people know as general lighting, but in appropriate terms, it is called ambient light. This is the favorite choice of director and often used in studios because the intensity of the light is just enough to give them the perfect photograph each time. Producers use this light because of the natural light features it gives when they take pictures of this kind of lighting there will be fewer chances of glares showing up in the camera.   

Ambient light is also used in a lot of residential homes because it is great for lighting up the room and corridors at night. It is also ideal for your living room because it can help you relax since the glare isn’t high, you won’t feel the heat coming from the light and the intensity in your eyes. This isn’t sufficient enough though for reading, so it will be advisable to have a reading lamp still to avoid damages in your vision.  

Chandeliers are a luxurious décor that is usually placed high on top of the ceiling, that has a light intensity that is capable of brightening an entire room. With the fancy patterns and designs, it is a beautiful sight to look at, and it also distributes the light evenly. The chandeliers are usually placed in the living room, and it supposed to stand out for guests to notice. However, it is also a perfect place in your bed rooms, and bathroom area, it is an innovative move to try hanging it in low ceilings.  

If you want to light up your pathway or corridors, then wall lights are a perfect choice for this job. These kinds of lights are hung up along the walls or the pillars that are along the corridors. The wall lights have more of a glow than a lighting feature, and it is also used for designing the exterior of a home, buildings, or any public buildings.  

If you want to get a unique lighting setup, then you should request for recessed lighting installation, and enjoy the spacious features that this kind of lighting gives off. Recessed light is installed in hollow ceilings, and the light bulbs are hidden, so when they are turned on you just get the glow of the light. These are often installed on top of furniture like sculptures or paintings, because it helps magnifies the beauty of the artwork.